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Laser hair removal has become a highly popular cosmetic treatment available at the Vein Specialty Medical Clinic. All laser hair removal San Jose procedures in our facility begin with a consultation so our clients can learn about achieving their desired results. In many cases, the patient will have their first treatment during this initial visit. Count on our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff to quickly and safely remove your unwanted body and facial hair.

Silky and Smooth Skin
The laser hair removal San Jose process is a scientific and effective method for permanently removing hair from the body. Our professionals will help you to rid yourself of bothersome and unsightly hair from almost any location your body. To find out more information regarding our advanced hair removal system, or for a free consultation, contact our facility today.

The Laser Hair Removal Process
We offer a safe and effective laser hair removal San Jose treatment for women and men. It works through selectively destroying individual hair follicles down to the root. Ultimately, the process ensures that future unwanted hair growth will not occur. Additionally, our procedure is performed on most areas where you'll find hair growth. This would include the face, underarms, back, legs, and bikini lines.

Candidates for Hair Removal
Our premier facility offers laser hair removal San Jose processes appropriate for any skin or hair type, although the results may vary. Ideal candidates have fair skin with darker hair color. Lighter colors may require more treatment. A dedicated representative will determine your skin type prior to your procedure in order to properly adjust our laser settings.