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pider eins reatment

Spider veins are broken capillaries that have been widened by the increased flow of blood in different directions and can be seen under the skin. They are called such because they look like a wheel with spokes that resemble a spider’s web. Spider veins can be found any place on the body. When they appear on the face, they are called telangiectasias.

Laser Treatments
While internal application of lasers have been great treatments for varicose veins, external applications of lasers (such as is done in laser hair removal) have had very limited efficacy in treatment of different size spider and reticular veins. In our experience gentle and micro-sclerotherapy have worked better on unsightly spider veins anywhere in the body. Naturally before deciding which method/methods best serve a given case, a detailed ultrasound mapping to locate sources of reflux must be done. This study must be done in standing position, while unfortunately many patients have reported to us that their ultrasound at different clinics where done in supine (lying down) position. In our experience, the new radial laser system has been much more effective than the original linear lasers in treatment of large varicose veins. Furthermore, patients have found radial laser ablation a very convenient experience. The removal process by endovenous laser uses pulses of the laser light from the laser to make the vessels of the face or leg veins close and disappear. The direct heat energy of laser will destroy endothelium of target varicose veins.

Sclerotherapy of spider veins is a widely recognized and used technique for spider veins removal, and considered the golden standard treatment provided it is done by an experience sclerotherapist and correct medication is used. This method uses a tiny needle inserted into the vein and thereby injection of a small volume of FDA approved detergent solution that will cause the vessel to be chemically ablated and the unwanted vessel to close. This is a very safe and effective treatment. When the patient has lot of spider veins clusters, more than one session of treatment may be necessary.

Surgery is not considered for spider veins
The golden treatment for spider veins is sclerotherapy in experienced hands. Surgery has no place in treatment of tiny spider veins.