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For patients who have spider veins, varicose veins, or advanced vein disease, diagnosing the underlying issue is always the first step. A physical exam includes an examination of the legs and problem areas. A qualified vein specialist San Jose practitioner will look for patterns of your spider and varicose veins, skin changes, signs of swelling and other symptoms. This assessment helps the vein doctor San Jose practitioner to determine the appropriate treatment plan.

Spider Veins Treatment San Jose Non-Invasive Options
Quite often, the problematic veins are not visible although they can be felt under the skin. As this has become a more common problem, new and improved techniques are continually being developed that involve non-invasive solutions. Spider veins are commonly treated by a vein clinic San Jose facility with either a sclerotherapy procedure or through the usage of skin lasers.

Vein Specialist San Jose Doctor
A vein doctor San Jose specialist will determine the best approach to minimize your varicose and spider veins. One of the more common and popular approaches involves injection therapy. A sclerotherapy San Jose professional injects a mild chemical solution into the problem area irritating the vessel walls which causes them to collapse. During these sessions, multiple injections sometimes are necessary and the treatment is relatively pain free.

Visit a Vein Clinic San Jose Location
Varicose vein therapy San Jose treatments are the best solution to removing unsightly and often painful vein problems. Whether you have light spider veins that are a cosmetic issue or more seriously enlarged varicose veins, it's recommended to visit a vein treatment center and discover the many options now available.