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For many people, spider and varicose veins are a continuous problem. This usually manifests itself as a discoloration of large unsightly veins that protrude down the legs, ankles and feet. There can be a number of reasons for varicose vein problems including poor circulation. As veins become weaker, blood will start pooling, causing the veins to stretch and enlarge.

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Effectively removing unsightly spider veins means eradicating them completely. There are a number of treatment options from professional varicose vein removal Los Gatos practitioners. One of the most popular in recent times is the use of lasers. This is not only minimally invasive, but is a quick and pain-free solution to reduce and eliminate varicose veins. Your vein doctor Los Gatos provider will diagnose your vein problem and design an effective treatment strategy.

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Another procedure commonly utilized by vein specialist Los Gatos facilities is sclerotherapy. This entails the injection of a solution directly into the affected area in order to collapse the protruded vein. This may involve a small amount of swelling or inflammation initially, however the recovery time is usually quite rapid. For more severe cases, a surgical procedure including vein removal is required.

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A large segment of the population will at some time experience spider and varicose vein problems. As a result, there has been an increasing demand for treatment options. If you have unsightly veins caused by improper circulation, contact a varicose veins Los Gatos treatment center to discover the best strategy for eradicating spider and varicose veins today.