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Varicose and spider veins can be a major problem for many people. They create unsightly large blue veins protruding throughout the legs. Most consider this to be a very unpleasant sight, particularly when seen up close. However, with today's technologies, there are several effective spider veins treatment San Jose options to help reverse or eliminate unsightly bulging veins. The type of varicose veins San Jose treatment is dependent upon each person's needs and preferences.

Causes of Spider and Varicose Vein Problems
A varicose vein is usually the result of improper circulation. This occurs when the veins become weak and blood begins accumulating. The veins will begin to stretch and enlarge. In such cases, swelling is often accompanied by sore legs or cramps. There are vein treatment San Jose options available to address these issues.

Varicose Vein Treatment San Jose Services
Sclerotherapy is a treatment solution that involves injecting a solution in the veins for collapsing the protrusion. Although this spider veins San Jose option typically results in some light inflammation and swelling, these symptoms dissipate in time with the veins eventually becoming inconspicuous. A more invasive option involves complete removal of the veins through a surgical procedure. Varicose veins that were treated by foam sclerotherapy can now be treated using Dr Fattahi Foam Washout Wash technique with a much better safety margin.

Spider Vein Therapy San Jose Treatment Options
Laser treatment is a state of the art varicose vein therapy San Jose treatment that combines lasers and radiofrequency. This method leads to long-term or even permanent results. For people with vascular conditions, there are a number of supplements designed to dilate veins of the legs, therefore increasing blood flow. Possibly the least expensive varicose veins treatment San Jose option involves the use of natural therapies including herbal remedies and creams. They are based upon anti-inflammatory ingredients to stimulate blood vessels.