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oam Scleortherapy of Varicose veins

Foam sclerotherapy is a wonderful safe treatment for medium and large varicose veins. This rapidly evolving new treatment is the result of more than 20 years of work by few European physicians. Foam sclerotherapy was introduced in United States in 2001. Dr Fattahi has the experience of providing more than 10,000 sessions of foam sclerotherapy.

Foam sclerotherapy consists of injection of small amounts of a sclerosing agent that has been transformed from liquid to foam by a rapid exchange of air and liquid agent between two syringes connected by a small three-way valve.

Foam works better than liquid in sclerotheray of varicose veins. With traditional liquid sclerotherapy, once the sclerosing liquid is injected in a vein, it quickly dilutes with blood, resulting in decreased concentration of sclerosing agent within the lumen of the target vein. Therefore, an effective concentration of sclerosant is not staying in touch with the inner surface of the vein for a sufficient amount of time in many cases. Foam displaces the blood and remains in contact with the inner layer of injected veins for a longer and more effective period. This makes foam sclerotherapy a much more effective treatment than liquid sclerotherapy. Furthermore, with foam there is much less post treatment local pain, discomfort, and pigmentation of the overlying skin. In summary, foam is much more effective and associated with fewer side effects in the treatment of varicose veins. Nowadays, many European pioneers of foam-sclerotherapy prefer foam over surgery, as presented at the latest World Congress on Vein Disease in San Diego in the summer of 2003. Obviously, physicians who lack experience in liquid-sclerotherapy and are not trained in foam-sclerotherapy should not perform sclerotherapy.

Dr. Khalil Fattahi

Dr. Khalil Fattahi - Vein Specialist

Khalil Fattahi, M.D., RPhS
Diplomat, American Board of Phlebology
Diplomat, American Board of Internal Medicine
Inventor of Foam-Washout Sclerotherapy for varicose veins
60,000+ sclerotherapy sessions experience


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Individual Results May Vary


Individual Results May Vary