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cleortherapy of Facial Unsightly Veins

Unsightly veins of the face can be reddish telangiectasias or bluish vein usually present around the eyes or on temples. These unsightly vein problems can be treated by micro-sclerotherapy. Best results are achieved when treatment is done by an experienced phlebologists.

A note of caution: Visible temporal arteries should not be mistaken for veins, especially by the treating physician.

Dr. Khalil Fattahi

Dr. Khalil Fattahi - Vein Specialist

Khalil Fattahi, M.D., RPhS
Diplomat, American Board of Phlebology
Diplomat, American Board of Internal Medicine
Inventor of Foam-Washout Sclerotherapy for varicose veins
60,000+ sclerotherapy sessions experience


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