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Treatment Of Spider and Varicose Veins

Dealing with unsightly and sometimes painful veins can be a very sensitive matter, and many people are disturbed by the either symptoms or the appearance of spider vein and varicose veins. Spider veins and varicose vein are considered a progressive conditions and in time almost always get worse and more pronounced. Treatment for varicose veins used to be limited to stripping surgery which can be considered an obsolete treatment method considering new effective non-surgical procedures of laser treatment such as EVLT and ELVeS and the specially designed foam sclerotherapy and the newly introduced foam-washout sclerotherapy which was invented by Dr. Fattahi. Dr. Fattahi has presented his unique method at numerous international medical conferences in US, Europe and Asia.

A Vein Specialty Clinic that does not consider treatment of vein problems as a side job

The Vein Specialty Medical Clinic Inc., was founded in 1992 by a Vein Specialist/Doctor to serve the Campbell, Los Gatos, San Jose, Palo Alto, San Francisco Bay area, and other surrounding areas in San Francisco Bay Area in California. Dr. Fattahi, the specialist, provides his patients with the most effective treatments for the safe removal of spider and varicose veins, offering a scar-free treatment of endovenous laser ablation. In the path of evolution of evaluation and treatment, Dr. Fattahi came to the conclusion that to root out sources of reflux (reason for varicose veins development) he must not rely on ultrasound mapping by ultrasound technicians. Thus, he became certified in ultrasound study of veins and does the detailed mapping himself on the first visit of patients to Vein Specialty Clinic.

Treatment Alternatives

If you suffer from vein problems, you are not alone. For this reason, it is important know that Vein Specialty Medical Clinic offers a wide variety of treatment alternatives that suit your particular vein problem. In addition to the newest methods, Dr. Fattahi also offers Botox and laser hair removal. With the main office located in the Campbell area, the clinic reaches into the communities of San Jose, Los Gatos, and San Francisco areas. He also treats patients from the Palo Alto area for problems related to hands, legs, face, perineal area, and vulvar areas.

Training Professionals

Dr. Fattahi, a pioneer in modern Phlebology serving the San Francisco Bay Area and Surrounding areas in California in non-surgical methods , takes personal care with each of his patients, and because there is a need for other trained specialists, he offers phlebology training to physicians and other health practitioners. He has such a passion to help those suffering with varicose veins that he teaches his now famous foam washout sclerotherapy procedure in workshops specifically designed for physician coming from different levels of skills in this field.

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