I am physician and I am glad that I trusted Dr. Fattahi to evaluate and treat my complex case of varicose veins. My experience was most satisfactory from the very start. Dr. Fattahi and his capable staff were very thorough in the evaluation of a patient’s case. During the initial consult, while engaging in physical examination of the patient vein problems, Dr. Fattahi personally took a long time and used ultrasound to pinpoint and map specific problem areas of the veins while explaining clearly the importance of mapping and finding the root cause of one’s varicosities. I have never witnessed such detailed study to sort out the root cause of varicose veins, which ultimately results in producing great results.

Then, the kind doctor laid down the detailed treatment plan and told me exactly how many treatments and type of management my specific case would most probably need. Dr. Fattahi used the newest state of the art Endovascular therapy (Radial Laser System) along with the most current type of sclerotherapy all the while continuing to use ultrasound to make sure accuracy and his mapping were followed. Unlike all other clinics that use air to make foam for sclerotherapy of varicose veins, Dr. Fattahi uses the physiologic medical grade CO2 gas in producing foam for sclerotherapy, which remarkably makes this treatment a lot more safe. The follow-up management was also timely and most thorough to ensure that all procedures done were satisfactory.

I cannot say enough about the professionalism of how I was treated by everyone in the office. As a physician myself, I have the utmost respect for Dr. Fattahi and his medical staff and am very happy to have been a patient at his clinic. With great confidence, I recommend this clinic to any patients that may be in need of management with varicose veins.


San Francisco, CA

My mother had been in severe pain for 12 years from venous disease causing extreme ache/pressure/swelling in legs. She had visited numerous well-known specialists in several countries and she was put through all kinds of surgical and non-surgical treatments. God knows how many times she came home to me and my 3 siblings after each visit. We saw her over and over suffer through each treatment without any improvement or final stop to her issue.

I don’t know how but she ended up seeing Dr. Fattahi in Sep 2015 about 4000 miles away from our home in Canada and she was cured in 3 days! Not only she was treated like a queen by the staff at the clinic but she was unbelievably cured once and for all by Dr. Fattahi. When my mother called me all excited from San Jose after seeing Dr. Fattahi, the story of this humble man and his staff brought tears to our eyes. Him and his staff are true humans in heart and cared about my mother on her first visit.

Dr, Khalil, thank you from four grateful children of Raha in Canada. You are our hero of the year.☺

Farbod R.

Bedford, Canada

I have been a patient of Dr. Fattahi since December 2007 for different vein related problems. I have experienced the ELVeS procedure, foam sclerotherapy, liquid sclerotherapy, and Dr. Fattahi’s new patent pending invention (foam-washout sclerotherapy). I am truly grateful for Dr. Fattahi’s work on my legs and the positive changes it has made in my life. Prior to my procedures, I was embarrassed and hurt by my varicose veins. Although I was active, my legs felt heavy, uncomfortable and achy at days end.

The first time I experienced Dr Fattahi’s new foam-washout sclerotherapy…wow, what a difference! I experienced only minimal swelling, little bruising, no pain, and less trapped blood as compared to regular foam sclerotherapy that other doctors do. Within only 2 days, I couldn’t tell by looking at my leg that I had gone through sclerotherapy while my leg felt great for first time after months of experiencing pain in my calf. The injection site was definitely less painful in comparison to regular sclerotherapy. I could swim, run without pain from. Furthermore, I liked knowing that the medicine went in, did it’s job, and then was pulled out (removed) from other end of the varicose vein without exposing my body to potential risks of regular foam-sclerotherapy using Dr. Fattahi’s new invented technique of sclerotherapy.

I am so happy that my painful large calf varicose vein, that was a source of many problems for me and my lifestyle, is gone in one session which appeared simple in Dr. Fattahi’s hands.

Thank you Dr. Fattahi and staff for making it a pleasure to come to your office.

Michelle R.

San Francisco Bay Area

I first saw Dr. Fattahi in the summer of 2008. At the time I had experienced chronic leg pain (anterior shin area) for about 5 years. I had been to so many specialists during that time with no relief and no real diagnosis. These included doctors from the best medical centers in California. This chronic pain was debilitating to the point that I was disabled. After 5 years, one doctor finally found venous insufficiency in an ultrasound without suggesting its relation to my leg pain. He suggested surgery, but the surgery at this “teaching hospital” was to perform a venous litigation under general anesthesia, at a huge cost and would result in scars on my leg. I heard about Dr. Fattahi from a friend. I decided to ask his advice.

He performed an ultrasound and found that I had severe venous reflux in my greater saphenous vein. He performed an ELVeS treatment, which was “outpatient”, no anesthesia and zero scarring. After a couple of weeks I began to feel better and after 3 months my leg was virtually free of pain. Not only that, but the ugly purple and red spots on my lower leg are gone because he followed up with the foam scherotherapy too which is not offered at most hospitals.

What I learned through this entire situation is that vascular surgeons specialize in arteries, and in my case initially missed a venous problem. Also, so many doctors do not recognize the fact that venous problems can cause severe pain. Dr. Fattahi specializes in treatment of venous problems that are advanced and modern. He takes his work very seriously and I feel confident in his medical advice and treatments. The treatment I received at the Vein Specialty Clinic was superb in every way.


Los Gatos, CA

It is with great delight that I have the opportunity to share my experience, as a patient, in regards to our fabulous Dr. Fattahi. Without any reservation I can say that he is one of my great medical discoveries.

Years ago, I had severe varicose veins that were worsening all the time. These veins ranged from spider-like to thick, heavy, rope-like veins, covering my entire leg area as well as ankles.

Both my parents had severe varicosities. My sister had multiple surgeries as a young adult in college. As an example of result of work of other doctors, my sister had a total of three vein surgeries over few years. Even after multiple surgeries that were done by physicians other than Dr. Fattahi, she still gets ulcerations plus many other related problems. Now, my sister is convinced to make the long trip to see Dr. Fattahi.

Well, lo and behold, after I was referred by Dr Felix Lee, my great cardiologist, my first visit with Dr. Fattahi opened choices of office based non-surgical treatments that I previously had no idea existed. After getting the suggested treatments, my legs that were covered by numerous varicose and spider veins, are free of unwanted veins, I have gained comfort, lost anguish, enjoy wearing my favorite clothing, and wholeheartedly support and recommend Dr. Fattahi, and his unique in-depth approach and procedures. He has mastered all the modern non-surgical treatments of varicose veins. Dr. Fattah has perfected the level of expertise that many physicians wish to reach. I am truly fortunate that my Dr. Fattahi chose this specialty for not only his occupation but also his life’s work.

Shirley O.

San Jose, California

Dr. Fattahi treated me for spider veins. I had a cluster of spider veins on the side of my knee that had bothered me for years. I also had some random veins on other parts of my legs. These same veins had been treated previously by another doctor three times, but never went away. It took just two treatments with Dr. Fattahi to get rid of them. I was thrilled. It has been two years since my treatment and they have not returned.

In addition to being a very knowledgeable physician, Dr. Fattahi is a very gentle and caring physician who was kind enough to answer my questions via e-mail before my appointment.

Stacey M.

San Jose, California

Dear Dr. Fattahi,
I would like to express my appreciation for the wonderful work you have done in erasing my varicose veins that were very prominant on one of my legs. Shortly after seeing other physicians and surgeons, it was apparent that just sclerotherapy, the way they administered it, was not working. Plus, I was discouraged to see that just consulting with other vein specialists would cost me $700.00. Through a friend I found your office and spent 45 minutes with you on my first visit at fee that was considerably less. I am extremely satisfied with your treatments and can now wear walking shorts again and playtennis and not be embarrassed about my leg.

You and your office staff were great to work with and I would recommend your vein treatment approach and techniques to anyone. Thank you so much.


San Jose, California

Dear Dr. Fattahi,
Just a quick note to express my appreciation in the work that you are doing. I had been to many doctors over the years for treatment for my varicose veins and the results were always less than desirable. Your whole approach made sense to me and the foam-sclerotherapy worked great. Since starting treatments with you, my symptoms have completely disappeared and my legs are looking better all the time. If in the future I see any new vein problems, I will not hesitate to call your office.

Thanks again,

Paul D.

San Jose, California

My name is Yvonne and I live in Austin, Texas. I had many treatments for my spider veins without good results in the past 10 years by a lot of doctors in different states.Doctor Khalil Fattahi is the best. I am happy that I went to Los Gatos, California to see Doctor Khalil Fattahi for my spider veins. Just a piece of advise, external lasers do not work for spider veins.

Austin, Texas

My name is Michelle. I am a professional dancer and choreographer. I started to develope spider veins at age 16. Over the past fifteen years, they have gotten progressively worse. To the point where my students would ask why I had “purple things” all over my legs. Dr.Fattahi changed my life! From the first time I called his office, to my last treatment, I was not only given professional, and friendly service, but GREAT results. I am so proud of my legs, and I don’t have to wear pants when I teach. Dr. Fattahi is the very best at what he does. You will not be dissapointed. He stands behind his work, and I recommend anyone to Dr. Fattahi.
Michelle R.

Hollister, CA

I had my veins treated with the saline injections several painful times by physicians other than Dr. Fattahi. They looked better for a short time and then came back with lots of newcompanions! I just got lucky when I saw Dr. Fattahi’s ad. I decided to try him. From the first moment I knew that I was in the right place. He is an expert in what he does. My spider veins were completely removed! I am 55 and now live in Florida. I have a few new spider veins and investigated doctors here, but no one measured up. So I waited until I had a trip planned to San Francisco Bay Area and went back to Dr. Fattahi. Please do your self a favor and don’t waste your time with any one else.

Delray Beach, Florida

Dear Dr. Fattahi,
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent care I received at your office. After dealing with varicose veins for almost 5 years, I can’t believe that my legs are free of those unsightly veins. No more dealing with being embarrassed to wear skirts or shorts. It fells like living a miracle! In addition, I really appreciate the extra time you took with my post-treatment followup. My legs have come a long way since my ELVeS procedure.I am extremely happy with the results. I have recommended you to all my friends who have vein problems. Lucy, my friend who recently came in to have treatments there, is quite satisfied with her treatment results. I won’t hesitate to come back to your clinic, if in the future I notice any new vein problems.

Once again, thanks for everything,

Elsie W.

San Francisco Bay Area

I had unsightly veins that ultimately caused me to be too self conscious to wear skirts orshorts. I first paid several hundred dollars to a laser dermatoglist to remove the veins. After two very painful and expensive sessions, only a small portion had been faded. I would have required at least 10 treatments at a cost of about $600 each by laser.

I contacted Dr. Fattahi and arranged an appointment immediately. He performed an ultrasound procedure on my legs to trace sources of the problem. I was impressed with the amount of information provided, as he kept me continually updated as to what and why he was planning his stepwise approach. His skill was impressive! His way of using sclerotherapy was much less painful than the laser procedure I had endured at another clinic. Dr. Fattahi at first actually corrected the source of my vein problem.

I was very pleasantly surprised to have finished the treatment within half the time expected (only three treatments) and at a significantly lower cost than if I had stayed with laser procedures.

My total experience with the doctor and his staff has been very positive and rewarding. My thanks to all of you.

Laura P.

San Francisco Bay Area

I have had problems with varicose veins for years. I had two vein stripping surgeries in the past 4 years, and the varicose veins were coming back again! I was at a loss as to what to do, I happened on to Dr. Fattahi’s web site by accident. I went to the office and talked with an assistant first then Dr. Fattahi. After my previous experiences I was skeptical. Now I wish I had seen him first, I would have saved a lot of time and money, as well as not having to have had two general anesthesia. Without any surgery, the varicose veins are gone, my legs do not feel heavy, and there is no pain. I would recommend to everyone to try Dr. Fattahi first before trying the more invasive procedures.
Dr. John T.

San Francisco Bay Area

Dr. Fattahi has successfully closed off major sources of my varicose and spider veins.
Dr. Fattahi has obtained a high caliber of training and experience. I am grateful to have had the privilege of being his patient. Thank you for your help, I will definitely make appointments with Dr. Fattahi when I am able to travel back to California from Texas, if I see any new vein problems in the future.
Sarah T.

Southlake, Texas

I was plagued by painful varicose veins since age 12 (40+ years). Dr. Fattahi’s unique sclerotherapy method has been the most effective treatment I’ve ever experienced. I can characterize his work as: thorough, reasonable costs, long lasting effect, faster relief of leg cramps and pain, quicker returning to routine activities and exercise after treatment in comparison to all my other years of failed laser and more expensive treatments. Shortly after Dr. Fattahi treated my varicose veins, my pain was gone and the ugly purple cords mapping across my legs were gone. Thanks to Dr, Fattahi, once again I can enjoy wearing my shorts.
Catherine S.

San Jose, CA

I was so tired of looking at the unsightly veins in my legs, so I decided to do something about it. I visited Dr, Fattahi of Los Gatos, and after a few months, my legs looked like they did 20 years ago before I had any children. I have had other course of treatments at another clinic, but the problems returned within 2 years. Dr, Fattahi analyzed the source of my problem and treated the big feeder veins that were creating all of the smaller ones. Spider veins goodbye! He has a gentle touch and a kind spirit, and his prices are completely reasonable. I would recommend his treatment to anyone!
Pat O.

San Jose, CA

Dr. Fattahi did a great job returning my legs to match the rest of the 40-year old body. He does a good job explaining the process, is very efficient in his work and delivers results that match the expectations he sets. If I would have known it was this easy to fix my vein problems in my legs I would have done it years ago.
Chris H.

Los Altos Hills, CA

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Fattahi’s for over five years. The reason I’ve stayed with Dr. Fattahi for so long is not only because of the exceptional results, but also becasue of his highly professional and friendly staff. I’ve reffered many of my clients to the vein clinic and all have been very pleased with Dr. Fattahi’s work and his integrity.
Erika H.

Watsonville, California

By using proven technology and methods that cut to the core of my varicose vein problems, Dr. Fattahi has guaranteed to me years of healthier, better looking legs.It is important to me that Dr. Fattahi is a medical doctor combined with over 10 years of expertise in vein treatment. Each treatment session Dr. Fattahi provides immediate, effective results. I choose Dr. Fattahi because he is a very caring person with a passionate desire to help me look and feel my best.
Michelle G.

San Jose, California

My experience with the Vein Clinic in Los Gatos has been a very positive one. This summer I will be able to wear shorts for the first time in a long time without being so self-conscious. The staff at Dr. Fattahi’s office are very caring, self-assuring and friendly. I would recommend this clinic to anyone with vein problems.
Jan S.

San Jose, California

I have been going to Dr. Fattahi’s office for a few years now. Once for an unsightly vein on the back of my thigh, and another time for the small spider veins that I had on my face.What a difference it has made! I have always been very pleased with his professionalism, knowledge and gentle manner. He runs a very efficient office with a congenial staff and I would highly recommend him for sclerotherapy related issues. If you are looking for a doctor who will take the time, answer questions, and help you to look and feel your best go see Dr. Fattahi at Vein Specialty Medical Clinic.
Kimberly Blisard

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Diplomat, American Board of Internal Medicine
Inventor of Foam-Washout Sclerotherapy for varicose veins
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Michelle R.

It is with great delight that I have the opportunity to share my experience, as a patient, in regards to our fabulous Dr. Fattahi. . .

Shirley O.

I have been a patient of Dr. Fattahi since December 2007 for different vein related problems. I have experienced the ELVeS procedure, foam sclerotherapy,. . .

Laura P.

I had unsightly veins that ultimately caused me to be too self-conscious to wear skirts or shorts. I first paid several hundred dollars to a laser dermatologist to remove the veins...

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Spider veins are small, irregular, purplish or bluish unsightly vessels. Slightly larger and greenish veins, always feed spider veins. Achieving good results depends on treatment of spider and feeder veins.

Varicose veins always result from abnormal flow of blood in opposite the normal direction. In such cases, there is an incompetence of the one way barriers (valves) between the deep and superficial leg vein systems, leading to abnormal flow of blood from the larger deep veins into the superficial smaller veins and creation of bulging varicose veins that often have a zigzag pattern and cause a variety of symptoms.

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"Dr. Fattahi is a very gentle and caring physician who was kind enough to answer my questions via e-mail before my appointment."

~ Martha, 62