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Frequently asked questions about BOTOX

What Creates Wrinkles?
Most upper face wrinkles are actually creases that have been worn into the skin as a result of repetition of the same expression thousands of times. The repeated contraction of small facial muscles over time creates these “expression lines”, often-called frown lines or crow’s feet.
What is BOTOX?
BOTOX is a purified protein toxin produced by the clostridium botulinum bacteria. There have been no serious side effects, even though BOTOX is a toxin. This is because, only very small amounts of the toxin is injected directly into the target muscle, without any systemic side effects.
Is BOTOX Approved By FDA?
FDA has approved use of BOTOX for cosmetic purpose to decrease upper face wrinkles.
Does BOTOX Injection Hurt?
When BOTOX is injected there may be a minor sting for a couple of seconds. After the injection, there is no local discomfort in most cases.
Which Areas Can Benefit From BOTOX Injection?
Commonly BOTOX has been used for frown lines between eyebrows, the crow’s feet (long lines located around outer corner of eyes), and the horizontal forehead lines.
How Long Does The Effect of BOTOX Last?
Effect of the initial BOTOX injection lasts about three to six months. With subsequent injections, the effect may last longer.
Can everyone benefit from BOTOX injections?
BOTOX can be used for majority of people. It is not injected during pregnancy and in some cases of neurologic disorders.
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Spider veins are small, irregular, purplish or bluish unsightly vessels. Slightly larger and greenish veins, always feed spider veins. Achieving good results depends on treatment of spider and feeder veins.

Varicose veins always result from abnormal flow of blood in opposite the normal direction. In such cases, there is an incompetence of the one way barriers (valves) between the deep and superficial leg vein systems, leading to abnormal flow of blood from the larger deep veins into the superficial smaller veins and creation of bulging varicose veins that often have a zigzag pattern and cause a variety of symptoms.

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