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clerotherapy of Bulging Vein Back of Hands

Unsightly bulging veins of back of the hands have always been a source of concern for many women. Until 2001 liquid sclerotherapy and phlebectomy were being done, without great results. Since 2001, foam sclerotherapy, when done by experienced phlebologists, has offered much better results. Bruising can be expected to occur for few days.

Some patient may have trapped blood within the injected veins. Trapped blood can be removed a week after the treatment. Most patients require just one session of treatment, while some may need more than one treatment session, depending on extent of their problem.

Dr. Khalil Fattahi

Dr. Khalil Fattahi - Vein Specialist

Khalil Fattahi, M.D., RPhS
Diplomat, American Board of Phlebology
Diplomat, American Board of Internal Medicine
Inventor of Foam-Washout Sclerotherapy for varicose veins
60,000+ sclerotherapy sessions experience


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